How to Reduce Smoking Withdrawal

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If you are thinking about quitting, expect to deal with smoking withdrawal. Read this article to learn how to deal with withdrawal.

Find something that motivates you. You need to to remind yourself of why you need to quit smoking. If thinking about this reason is not enough, find an object or a picture that will make you feel strongly about not smoking. Start by making a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and identify what counts the most for you. This will help you think positively and gain self-confidence about your will power. Remind yourself that all your efforts will be rewarded and that your withdrawal symptoms will not be as strong in only a few weeks.

Make other changes to your lifestyle. Get rid of the habits that were associated with smoking before. You could, for instance, make changes to your diet or start exercising more. This will take your mind off your withdrawal symptoms and make your life even healthier. Eating a balanced diet and exercising should reduce your level of stress. Try new foods and find healthy dishes you enjoy. You should also try new sports and activities to find a new hobby.

Look into stress management techniques. You will probably mainly experience withdrawal through anxiety and stress. There are a lot of breathing exercises you can do as well as focusing techniques. Always keep your goals in mind and try different techniques until you find one that works for you. Think about joining a yoga class or going for runs regularly to relax and reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Eventually, your stress will be reduced and you will not be as tempted to smoke, especially once you start getting in shape. Besides, exercising will make you sweat and help your body eliminate toxins quickly.

If you need to, replace your cigarettes with another product containing nicotine. You could use nicotine gum, patches or an e-cigarette, for instance. These products will make your withdrawal symptoms disappear quickly by providing you with a dose of nicotine. Your goal is to reduce your use of these products little by little so your body to progressively battle your addiction to nicotine. You should go to your doctor to get more information about these products and find out if they are safe for you. You should avoid these products if you are pregnant.

Give yourself enough time to quit smoking and take things very slowly. Consider going through an entire day without smoking as a small victory. During your first week, you might not be able to resist smoking a couple of times; if possible, take only a few puffs. Always keep in mind that your withdrawal symptoms will get better very soon. Talk to your friends and family about your efforts to quit smoking; they will understand your increased level of stress and probably offer you their support. Perhaps you should ask people to avoid smoking in front of you and stay away from places where you are likely to find yourself surrounded by smokers.

Try these tips and give yourself enough time to quit smoking. Do not get discouraged if you fail; few people manage to quit smoking with their first attempt.

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