Healthy Tips For Preventing Diabetes

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Diabetes is without a doubt a growing problem in the United States. If you have diabetes in your family or are otherwise at risk, it makes sense to take some preventative steps. Type II diabetes is definitely the most avoidable form of the condition.  Here are a few tips that could help avoid diabetes from developing in your life.

Develop a Proper Diet Plan – Foods That Can Prevent Diabetes

Lots of sources suggest that a diet highlighting plant food items is important for preventing diabetes. Various other foods that may help you stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from developing full-blown diabetes incorporate the following:

* Magnesium-rich foods like black beans, spinach, as well as almonds are claimed to help prevent diabetes. Oddly enough, many sources state that diabetics are often deficient in magnesium.

* Onions and garlic clove are natural blood sugar regulators. Black bean stew with garlic or black bean burgers together with red onions would undoubtedly be a fantastic alternative to the fatty burgers from McDonalds !

* Stevia is a very sweet, calorie-free natural herb; the extract is often sold in grocery stores and organic food stores as a sweetener. It may reduce blood sugar, too, making this a great option for people with pre-diabetic conditions or perhaps people wishing to prevent the onset of diabetes.

Include Exercise to Prevent The Onset of Diabetes

Exercise important for everybody, however, for those who wish to prevent diabetes, physical exercise is particularly essential. For one thing, strenuous activity often lowers blood sugar. For yet another, physical exercise usually leads to weight loss if it’s performed regularly and properly. Keeping a healthy body weight is key to diabetes prevention.

Alternative Treatments to Prevent Diabetes

There are a few possible preventative measures you can take that are controversial, or at least the jury is still out as to whether or not these measures are effective. If they’re healthy measures though, it might pay to err on the side of caution and implement them even though their effectiveness against diabetes is unclear. Some illustrations of this variety of prevention steps include:

* Minimizing stress, whether with stretching, deep breathing, prayer, or other forms of stress reduction activities. Some studies propose that chronic stress may enhance your risk for developing diabetes.

* Reducing high blood pressure may also help prevent diabetes. These two disorders often exist together, and studies show that hypertension may even cause the onset of diabetes. Always keeping your blood pressure controlled is a healthy thing to do anyway, so you certainly can’t lose on this one.

* High fructose corn syrup…you know…that sweetener we all love to hate, may or may not be linked in the development of diabetes. It may be no more of a problem than white sugar.  But then again, cutting high fructose corn syrup out of your diet is definitely not a dangerous thing to do and might even be much healthier.  So it’s a win-win if you remove it of your diet for whatever reason.

* Trans fatty tissues and saturated fats are typically featured on the “do not consume” list with regard to people wishing to prevent diabetes. It’s been recommended that these artery-clogging fats can exacerbate or perhaps even trigger Type II diabetes symptoms.

These are just a few healthy tips for preventing diabetes that you can use or begin to incorporate into your every day life activities.  Taking advantage of just one of these tips will go a long way in reducing your chances of developing this ever growing condition.

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