Common Problems That Affect Your Vision

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Vision Problems affect millions of people of all ages. Young and old individuals suffer from problems with seeing clearly . Eyesight problems range from things like a simple eye infection that can be cured with eye drops and antibiotics. To the much more severe conditions like cataracts or nerve damage that causes total blindness.

Here we will look at only a few of the most common conditions that effect your vision.  Please keep in mind there are many others. However, these are the most seen by Optometrist almost daily.

  • Myopia– problem seeing far off objects, letters, and images
  • Hyperopia also called Presbyopic- problems seeing close up objects, letters, and images
  • Eye Infections– unable to see clearly, eyes may be cloudy, or glazed in appearance.
  • Blurry Vision- in the eye usually only one eye is affected could be nerve damage
  • Astigmatism– difficulty seeing in both eyes far and close images
  • Eyes Sensitive to Bright Light– squinting cataracts or migraines could be the cause
  • Night Vision-myopia
  • Eye irritation– many different causes tire eyes, eye infections
  • Twitching Eyes– involuntary muscles and nerve in the eyes moving
  • No Tearing– eye duct is, clogged
  • Excessive Tearing- many causes like infections or foreign objects in the eyes
  • Total Vision Loss– macular degeneration severe nerve damage
  • Scratched or Damaged Eye– foreign object in the eye or eyes can cause damage

These vision problems can be diagnosed and corrected by the use of different methods. Some of the methods are common and used quite frequently with great success while others are relatively new methods that have produced promising results.

Many procedures can be performed and taken care of during an office visit with your Optometrist.  Foreign objects can be removed and eye drops can be applied for certain eye infections.

With new advances in technology certain vision problems can be corrected by medical procedures such as surgery and lasers. These are all forms of attacking the vision problem itself however; there can be side effects, and other complications to these methods of fixing the eye problems. These methods are also expensive and cannot usually be, afforded without insurance. Plus there is also no guarantee that they will work.

Other things can be, done to help vision problems too.  Your Optometrist can prescribe artificial lenses also called contact lenses, glasses or bifocals. Each of these things can help restore your vision. However, they do not work on correcting the problem only in aiding the person to see with the problem.

Therefore the problem is still present and deteriorating the condition of the eye and the vision. One way to combat the eye problem itself is to use all natural eye and vision methods. These methods have proven useful and the best part is you do not need a doctor.

Extensive research and studies have been completed and continue to be scheduled to examine the recent discoveries in all natural methods to cure eye problems.  This is extremely exciting news because it give us more effective choices and much cheaper too!


One of the top recommended all-natural eye healing methods is The Vision Without Glasses Method.  Click on the link to be taken to the web site and see the results for your self.

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