10 Tips You Need To Know To Manage Diabetes

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Having diabetes can really complicate life; there is simply so much to consider and take care of. Consider the following 10 tips a basic guideline for living your life with diabetes as healthy as you can!

1. Organize your team.

You need a lot of specialists at your disposal, so make sure your doctor provides you with a list of the people you can call upon when needed. It’s very important that you establish a relationship with a nutritionist right away as food is such a crucial element of diabetes management.

2. Start a food journal.

You need to know how what you eat impacts your diabetes and it can all be very difficult to keep track of. Therefore, it is in your best interest to log everything you eat and note any ill-effects.

3. Monitor your blood-glucose levels closely.

Today’s devices make it quick and  painless, so you’ve got no excuse not to stay on top of your situation. Check your count as often as your physician recommends, more often if you have any concerns.

4. Take your meds methodically.

Even if you’re feeling very good or have a great blood-glucose reading, don’t ever skip or skimp on your prescribed dosage of medication. If you feel the need for adjustment exists, ask your doctor right away but never miss a dose.

5. Manage your weight.

If you’re tipping the scales now, take whatever means are necessary to get weight under control! This influence on diabetes is extreme and everything else about your ability to control the disease is precariously balanced on a healthy weight.

6. Exercise regularly.

No matter what your weight, you need to stay in shape. Take a quick walk each night after dinner and be active at some point in every day. Exercise improves your body’s ability to manage insulin and will provide you with numerous other benefits as well.

7. Limit alcohol intake.

If you’re having trouble regulating your diabetes, refrain from drinking any alcohol until you’ve got it under control. Individual circumstances vary significantly concerning alcohol use, so it’s best to check with your doctor. Remember though that alcohol impairs judgement and could cause you to weaken at the sight of a large, steaming-hot pepperoni pizza!

8. Stay on top of sleep issues.

Diabetics are more prone to sleep apnea than non-diabetics, which puts you in particular danger because lack of sleep may lead to increased insulin resistance. If you find yourself experiencing excessive sleepiness during the day, report it to your doctor and investigate the possibility of sleep apnea.

9. Brush and floss regularly.

Believe it or not, excess glucose is present in your saliva and can lead to tooth decay. Although everybody needs to brush and floss after each meal, it’s especially important for you to do it.

10. Take special care of your feet.

Neuropathy is just a doctor’s term for nerve damage, and it can attack your extremities, particularly feet, with extreme consequences. Keep your feet clean and dry and be cognizant of any tingling or numbness. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, report it to your doctor right away.

Diabetes may slow you down a bit, but you can still lead a very active and satisfying lifestyle. Just make sure you take extra good care of yourself and follow the advice of this article!


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